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Image of Wpro SKS101

Wpro SKS101
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Make laundry simple with the Whirlpool SKS101 Stacking Kit With Shelf.The kit helps to stabilise your tumble dryer above your washing machine, fitting all 600 x 600 mm appliances.With the included shelf, you can load and unload your tumble dryer without...

Image of Wpro 10158439

Wpro 10158439
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Keep your washing machine and dishwasher clean with the WPRO Limescale & Grease Remover.Suitable for use on all brands, the pack includes 12 sachets with a triple action formula. Each 50 g sachet works to reduce limescale, clean grease and detergent build...

Image of Wpro UCD002

Wpro UCD002
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The WPro UCD002 Tumble Dryer Condenser Box transforms your vented tumble dryer into a condenser tumble dryer.The WPro UCD002 is simple to use and enables the use of a vented tumble dryer without exterior venting.It helps to prevent dust deposits on interior...

Image of Wpro WBA100

Wpro WBA100
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The WPro WBA100 Tumble Dryer Softening Ball is a simple but welcome addition to any household.Bouncing ballBy placing the WBA100 Softening Ball inside your tumble dryer, you will benefit from increased tumble drying speed and effectiveness, therefore...

Image of Wpro 10142421

Wpro 10142421
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Add stability to your domestic appliances with the Whirlpool Shock Absorber Pads.Available in a pack of four, the pads absorb the vibrations that are caused by working household appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers.The pads...

Image of Wpro TAF358

Wpro TAF358
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Improve washing machine performance and positioning flexibility with the Wpro TAF-358 Washing Machine Extension Hose.Solid functionalityThis 3.5m water inlet pipe for your washing machine provides a consistent supply of cold water to your washing machine...

Image of Wpro ASG310

Wpro ASG310
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The 3 m WPRO ASG310 Universal Tumble Dryer Vent Tube has a universal connection so it's suitable for use with almost any tumble dryer.Its 3 m length means that you won't run short of tubing, and it is quick and easy to install.

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