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Image of Grundig 565586

Grundig 565586
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Quick programs and Supreme RefreshWash a full load in 28 minutes and partial load in 14 minutes with the Grundig GW75942TG Bluetooth 9 kg 1400 rpm Washing Machine. Thanks to the Mini and Mini 14 programs, you can take care of your laundry, even on busy...

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Grundig 598751
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Sustainable washingThe Grundig GW75843TW Bluetooth 8 kg 1400 rpm Washing Machine features recycled PET tubs, which are made from up to 60 recycled bottles to reduce plastic waste.Anti allergyIf you have children, allergies, or just a sensitive skin you'll...

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Grundig 627394
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Sustainable washingThe FibreCatcher filter in the Grundig FiberCatcher GW781041FW Bluetooth 10 kg 1400 rpm Washing Machine catches up to 90% of plastic microfibres during synthetic washes, which helps to protect marine ecosystems from pollution.The GW781041FW features...

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