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How energy efficient are fridge freezers?When choosing your new fridge freezer, in addition to the standard features that you consider such as price, capacity and will it look good in my kitchen please also look carefully at energy efficiency.

Other things to consider include flexible layout of shelves and compartments. Do you really need space taken up with dedicated beer or wine racks? Have you ever fancied a built-in ice or water dispenser? Do you buy or grow lots of fresh food to freeze? If so, then consider fridge freezers with a fast freeze facility.

Action plan: Fridges use less energy if they are full compared to when they are empty, so make sure that the fridge is full; look for fridges with an A rating for better energy efficiency. If the room you intend storing the fridge in gets warm, make sure that the fridge can cope with warm rooms - each fridge has an assigned "climate class" to depict whether it can cope with external temperatures of 10, 20 or say 30 degrees celsius,

The main things to consider are:
  • Budget
  • User reviews
  • Reliability of brand & Best Buy (source Which?)
  • Energy efficiency - the more efficient, the cheaper to run
  • Size of fridge - do you have a large family or just yourself?
  • Recycle your old fridge
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